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Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne is considered by many to be a psychic, promoted on the talk shows of many celebrities, including Larry King and Montel Williams. Sylvia is so famous that a twenty-minute reading with her over the phone costs roughly seven hundred dollars, and that’s just to get on a two-year waiting list.

If you want a sense of what it might be like to get a prediction from Sylvia Browne, here are a couple videos of her working her magic on people whose loved ones died. If you have difficulty watching the videos (I mean technological difficulties although they are difficult to watch on other levels, too), I’ve provided excerpts of the readings before each video.

Here’s the first one:

Woman: I lost my boyfriend tragically a few years ago. They never found him, and I’ve had such a hard time since. Every day.

Sylvia: The reason why you didn’t find him is because he’s in water, and to find him in water it’s like the girl that’s missing in Aruba. You can’t find somebody–

Woman: Well, it was September 11th. There was no… he was a fireman, but… there was no

Sylvia: But I keep seeing him in water. Is there any way he could have drowned in water?

Woman: They never found a piece of him. Nothing.

Montel: From 9/11?

Woman: (nodding her head)

Sylvia: Because he says, he says he couldn’t breathe and he was filled with water.

(long pause, and the woman returns to her seat)

Sylvia: Well, if he were trying to put the fire out, Montel.

Montel: You know, I… yeah.

Here’s the second one:

Kathy: My daughter Michelle was seventeen years old. She’ll be gone five years the twenty-first of this year. Sylvia, I don’t know how she died. Please, if you can, how did she die?

Sylvia: She was shot.

(confused look by Kathy and Michael, her husband)

Montel: Circumstances around her death?

Kathy: She just collapsed in her room.

Sylvia: I don’t know, but something looks like it hit the chest.

Kathy: They found nothing on the autopsy.

Sylvia: I don’t care, but it looks like something hit her in the chest.

Michael: They did an autopsy. They did drug– you know they do whatever they do. They say she was a healthy child…


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  1. lol what a hack

    August 13, 2011 at 9:41 pm

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