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The Police

I opened the blinds this morning and noticed a curious sight: an Oakland police van parked along the side of the road and two police officers directing traffic. Could some crime have taken place while I was asleep? were my initial thoughts. Then why hadn’t any sirens awoken me?

An Oakland police officer stands at an intersection.

I went to the living room to get a better view of the street and noticed two women, a stroller between them, carrying greenish-yellow neon signs. The stroller contained a toy drum but no child. It turned out that Ooe of the women was carrying a baby inside a Moby. Protestors? It was kind of a lame protest for two police officers to be blocking traffic.

I tried to get a closer look at the sign. It seemed to be election-related, as one of the posters talked about running for something that I couldn’t make out, and I wondered briefly if the women were campaigning to recall Mayor Jean Quan for her stance on babies. For the record, I don’t know if Mayor Quan has a stance on babies, but I’m a fairly ignorant voter when it comes to Oakland politics. Maybe Mayor Quan had said something controversial like “babies can’t walk,” and the women were holding up signs in open defiance. If so, then why was the baby wrapped in a Moby and not walking/running around? The roads had been closed by the police, after all.

Then I noticed the women were looking out at a distance into the road, and the one without the baby called out, “Woooooooooooooooooooooot!” The other started banging on a toy drum with what looked like a wooden spoon as a lone runner made his way across the empty road. The calls and screams grew louder as others joined the two women. At this point, I took a quick look online to confirm what was going on and got out my camera.

Oakland marathon runners

Oakland marathon runners

An Oakland running festival? How cool!


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