Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

Black Swan

“If you had one chance or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?” That question is kind of insane, and while it comes from a different movie in which it is portrayed in a different light, Black Swan waves the red flag on just how out of perspective the question can be.

Black Swan is the story of a ballerina named Nina, pivoting (and pliéing) her life around a narrow goal. The movie centers around her character and how this pivoting is simultaneously a reflection of the person she is, the person she wants to be, and the person it turns her into. And these three people scared the shit out of me.

What results is a chilling psychological horror film in the vein of Monster or The Shining, perhaps with a bit of Mulholland Drive thrown into the mix.

Here’s Neeeeena: pretty ballerina! (ABBA version)

And I just realized I’ll never interpret that song the same way again.

2 responses

  1. Rich

    It’s that good? I heard from someone it stunk.

    January 11, 2011 at 1:19 am

  2. K

    As you’ve proven, it depends on whom you ask. 😛

    January 11, 2011 at 3:04 am

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