Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

Two Pedals

I wanted to go biking during the warm November weather last week, but it didn’t happen. Had I missed my last opportunity to bike before the rains hit? It certainly seemed that way this weekend, and I felt a little bummed about it. It’s difficult to get around on two feet alone.

As I was about to get down to doing some work this afternoon, it seemed that the rain that weather forecasters had predicted would likely be postponed until the evening. Annoyed by the prospect of staying at home in anticipation of rain, I looked up a cafe, spotted one by Lake Merritt, and defiantly switched from bipedal to bicycle (pronounced bi-SEEK-uhl).

The expedition took me past Children’s Fairyland, over to Lakeshore, eventually landing in a cafe and browsing around a bookstore before heading back. I felt drops start to fall on the return journey and did my best to pedal as quickly as possible to avoid the oncoming rain. Grand to Webster to 14th to Clay to POURING RAIN! Luckily, it was just feet away from my apartment and quickly went inside.


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