Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

Day in the City

It was a bike to work day for me, but I went to the office in the City and opened my laptop in front of a direct view of the Bay Bridge, dangling within a mere 500 feet in front of the window.

A business lunch in SOMA offered another bike ride, and I discovered the sun was out. Post lunch: back to the scenic office or work from home? It was home, and a coworker seemed happy about my decision. It offered another bike ride, and a chance to pack.

Work got the better of me, and before I realized it, it was time to get to the airport.

Oh, MUNI: where’s the love? Unreliable, crowded, and unsafe, I eventually made the transfer to BART. From then on, thing became more predictable, and I eventually got to the airport. No laptop, no luggage meant people were all that kept me from my gate. What happened to the frequent traveler lane?

Made it throught and had a chance to try out one of Sir Dyson’s air blade in the men’s room, having just read an article about. Now waiting for my gate to board, typing with just one thumb. Take that, Twitter!


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