Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

In Another Life

From Buxter Hoot’n’s “In Another Life” from the eponymous album:

Your eyes tell the story
Of the pain and the glory.
You’re rolling the dice
In another life.

He’s back. I am of course referring to Don Draper. In another life. Oh, yes, and he’s lived many already. First as Richard Whitman, then as a Korean War vet, he is reborn in a hospital. He returns as Don Draper and becomes a used car salesman, before entering a life as fake husband to the real widow of the real Don Draper. Then he meets and marries Betty Hofstadt. Real husband and real salesman, then father, then philanderer, then philanderer again, then partner at his ad exec firm, and then philanderer once more before baptizing himself in the Pacific Ocean. He returns to Betty and becomes a father once more, then a philanderer two more times before entering his current incarnation: divorcee and cofounder of his own ad firm.

In the season premiere, Don seems at a loss in his new life. A fresh start. Different circumstances. Some favorable. Others not. Still trying to find a place for himself. Punishing himself for the mistakes of his past lives. Then eventually getting over it and moving forward.

Come to think of it, is this the human condition? How many lives have I stuffed into this existence already?


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