Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.


Alice looked up, straight through the rabbit hole and out of Wonderland.

What wonders she had seen in her time here! She had been enchanted by the man with the mercury-laced hat, mystified by the hash-smoking caterpillar, and drawn to the White Rabbit. Those experiences, while broadening, had also made her feel small. Too small, in fact, to climb out, even though the sky was in plain sight.

She had options. There were the biscuits with the shameless self-promotion adorning their exterior: Eat Me. A few nibbles and she could reach the hole. Of course, she had some concerns about the hallucinogenic effects of the biscuits (a hash-smoking caterpillar or an illusion?), and wasn’t sure if they were worth the risk.

The Cheshire Cat had offered her lessons in the Cheshire Arts. She was already a Yellow Belt, but she wasn’t quite ready to dissolve through bricks, and would she really want to evaporate herself out?

There was yet another option. She could stay. The Tweedles had offered her a room at their place. As grateful as she was for this, and as much fun as she was having, she was getting restless. Time had forced her hand, and since the Queen of Hearts wasn’t in it, she sat down to weigh her options carefully before making a choice.


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