Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

Best If Used By

For Lord Hamlet,
Believe so much in him, that he is young,
And with a larger tether may he walk
Than may be given you.

— Polonius to Ophelia in Hamlet, Act I, scene iii

Council of Elders Sign Currency Expiration Decree

CAPITAL CITY — The Council of Elders, in their infinite wisdom, signed a new decree today declaring that all currency will expire exactly fifty years after the date it was minted. The Decree, which goes into effect a week from today, was designed to deal with the recent financial collapse that has been taking place with the recent hoarding of currency. …

As Rylivian Shmerxin put down the paper, the smile that had been on his face wiped away. He rushed to the family safe and started leafing through the bills, unable to find a single one that would survive under the new decree.

How smug he had been! Ry had inherited his wealth and been notoriously distrustful of banks. This paranoia worked in his favor during Financial Collapse Friday when much of the Dominion had fallen into poverty. He wasn’t much of a spender, and like many who had long since lost the trust of the financial system, he was not ready to imbue it with life.

It took some thinking, but Ry had a plan. He could reinvest the money in something else with longer lasting value. But when he went to various exchanges, they took one look at the date and gave him a look like he was offering them spoiled milk.

(Help me with the story. What happens next?)


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