Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

Based on a True Story

I pick up the phone. The person on the other end introduces himself as Jeff and seems to be a friend of a friend, whose wedding I attended a few months ago.

“Well, K, I remember you were on the dance floor that evening and was wondering if I could interest you in some dance lessons?”

I am really confused now. “Umm… how did you get my phone number?”

“Well, that’s public information.” I pause and then realize what else has become public information. I get off the phone as quickly as possible.

The phone number– I did not pay the extra monthly fee to anonymize my landline. While this can be annoying at times, I am usually amused by telemarketers that try to sell me satellite television services in my mother tongue.

The wedding– there’s an unflattering photo of me on FunSocial Network attempting to dance at my friend’s wedding. I quickly go to their site and untag that photo along with every other photo of me. I also delete all of my photo albums and all other personal information (except for one e-mail address that will be deactivated soon) from the site. I debate whether or not to go one step further and delete the account before giving myself a week to think it over.


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