Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

Required Reading

Your blog became required reading for our research group:

En début de semaine dernière, Michael m’a dit qu’il y avait le jeudi un talk de Gallager à Stanford et m’a propose d’y aller. Bien entendu ça m’a interessé et c’était également une bonne occasion de voir à quoi ressemblait Stanford.

Je n’ai pas vu grand chose de Stanford (juste le trajet en voiture jusqu’au bâtiment où avait lieu le talk), mais pour ce que j’en ai vu, c’est assez barjo! Ca n’a rien à voir avec Berkeley! C’est énorme, c’est une petite ville en soit, c’est très beau et c’est neuf! Pour expliquer rapidement les choses, Stanford est une université privée, ce qui fait qu’ils ont plein d’argent (l’écolage est aussi très cher), contrairement à Berkeley qui est publique et qui cherche donc tout le temps à faire des économies (ou à ne pas gaspiller, ça depend des points de vue…).

Nous voilà donc arrivés à la conférence.

C’était complètement fou! Une sorte de bal de la Croix-Rouge de la théorie de l’info avec comme il se doit toute la jet-set:

I was at my cousin’s wedding in India, but your complete summary of events seemed to leave out nothing while adding some hilarious asides. That summer provided a lot of lighter moments, with the most notable the night a group of us went to Thalassa and played pool. Let’s leave out dinner at Extreme Pizza.

You returned to Switzerland shortly after I came back from Australia, but when we caught up in Seattle or Nice, it felt like very little time had passed. There was the movie we were planning on making in Seattle, and it was ironic that the movie you made in Nice ended up becoming a hit on YouTube. As predicted, the Shannon Lecture that year was worthy of G.O.B. Bluth, and ironically, its lecturer played all but Europe’s “The Final Countdown” at the subsequent Kailath Colloquium.

It was another year before I saw you again. This time, the setting was Toronto. You were heading out for drinks with some friends and asked me if I wanted to join. I made up some lame excuse, and we agreed to reschedule to the next day. I saw you the next day imitating the dances of some of the jet-set, but you were missing when PM and I were ready to go. We decided to just stick to the hotel bar, but perhaps you never saw us. I didn’t realize then that outside of videos, I would never see you again.


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