Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.


The theme song to The Office (U.K.), set in Slough, is an excerpt from a song by Rod Stewart:

So what becomes of you, my love
When they have finally stripped you of
The handbags and the gladrags
That your grandad had to sweat
So you could by?

When Eric Weiner travels to Great Britain in one of the chapters of The Geography of Bliss, he focuses his attention on Slough. A town known for its proximity to London, Reading, and Windsor Castle, Weiner compares the place to New Jersey as he quips, “It’s never a good sign when the best thing to recommend a place is that it’s near other places.” In the midst of colorful poems that describe attitudes toward the town, Weiner also discusses Making Slough Happy, a television program that sounds like the happiness-equivalent of The Biggest Loser. The rest of the chapter features the author’s interviews with town inhabitants and former contestants on MSH.

For those that want a faux-Slough experience, it turns out The Office (U.K.) is now available on Hulu.

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