Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

Class of One

Look to your left. (pause) Now look to your right. One of you three… oh, wait. It’s just you.

I had lunch yesterday with a few friends that started work at the same time I did. At one point, I described how different work was from school. My point met with some disagreement, but after a little thought, I had my justification. While all of us had started at the same time, with the exception of two people, none of us worked in the same building, let alone the same group. It was like being the only member of your entering class.

While a student to faculty ratio that favors the faculty might seem great at first (lots of people to answer questions), it becomes difficult to gauge how one is adjusting. If I have an idea, I am presenting it to someone who has worked at the company longer than I have. Will it be shot down? To whom can I ask the stupid questions? Should I have accomplished more with the time that has elapsed? Am I on par? What is par?

At the same time, perhaps being in a class of one frees oneself up to be more creative, less constrained. To stay well-adjusted, members of the class of one need to get comfortable with their own pace and figure out what works for them. I work with a group of people who are flexible, friendly, and give me a lot of leeway, as long as I meet certain obligations. This is no doubt a good place for me to be right now, and wherever else I may go in the future, I will leave with the experience acquired from being a graduate of a class of one.


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