Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

The Commute

The Commute makes life a little more interesting. During my first internship, work was forty-five minutes to an hour away, and the drive there was just a different type of work. In the course of dealing with other drivers, I acquired several bad habits: road rage, haphazard driving, and a feeling of lethargy after returning home.

There are ways to ease the toll induced by The Commute. Carpools and public transit offer two opportunities to do so and remove the daily burden of driving. Those who partake– if it’s in their nature– can also feel smug that they are reducing their carbon footprint just a little: the reciprocal of Avogadro’s number. Epsilon environmentalism aside, when there’s a major traffic event, the carpool lane is really the place to be:

Three pieces of an emergency repair to the Bay Bridge’s cantilever section made over Labor Day weekend snapped and crashed onto the upper deck of the span late Tuesday afternoon, striking three vehicles and forcing the indefinite closure of the region’s busiest bridge.

Caltrans officials ordered the closure of the bridge in both directions shortly after 7 p.m. and said late Tuesday night that it would be closed indefinitely.

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