Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

Learning (Excerpts)

Everyone is celebrating the Deccan Chargers’s victory. I ask my mother, “So is this victory a best of five?”

She starts to answer but stops herself. “I think your grandmother will get a kick out of answering it.”

I save it for Grandma. Her eyes widen in shock before she answers, “What? No, of course not! You’re confusing it with a test match. This doesn’t even have that many overs.”

Without prompting, my mother says, “Tell him what an ‘over’ is.”

My sister laughs. “Even I know what an ‘over’ is. Didn’t you watch Lagaan?”


“Do you read the Boxcar Children?” I ask to see how out of touch I am.

“Well, I have one of their books, but I haven’t finished it yet.”

“What’s your favorite mystery series?” I follow-up.

She ponders it for a second. “Probably The 39 Clues,” she responds.

I am clueless, but she patiently explains the concept.


“Da da,” she says.

“Oh, you want your daddy?” I ask.

My sister shakes her head and explains, “No, if she wants A, she’ll say, ‘daddy’. Da da means ‘down down’. She just doesn’t want you to carry her.” Ooh, burn!


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