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Two Perspectives on San Quentin

State Senator Jeff Denham wants to help ease California’s budget shortfall by selling San Quentin for $2 billion. The cost of a new prison to take its place? $2 billion. Here’s part of his rationale:

Our inmates just don’t need an ocean view. Let’s level it off.

The ocean view from that part of the Bay is definitely beautiful, but not everyone shares the same perspective on San Quentin. Listen to Johnny Cash’s performance there to hear a different take.

I wonder how Denham would respond to the following lines from Cash’s song:

San Quentin, I hate every inch of you.
You cut me, and you scarred me through and through.
And I’ll walk out a wiser, weaker man.
Mr. Congressman, you can’t understand.

(Note: Thanks to J and M for the content in this post.)


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