Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.


When I stopped by T’s desk last week, we somehow got onto the topic of coffee. I mentioned my dad’s a coffee fanatic and talked about experimenting with coffee; perhaps I’d get a brewer. It turned out T collects coffee brewers and asked me what kind I was thinking of getting. Shoulders up. Shoulders down. Shrug complete. She gave me some advice and asked I consult my dad, too. She told me she had multiple types of the same brewer, and I could test drive one if I liked. I thanked her for the offer and left the matter at that.

The next day, I noticed a flask and filters on my desk along with the following note in beautiful script handwriting:

Chemex Coffee Brewer. Hope you enjoy — use as long as you wish.


I got home and attempted to make some coffee. I threw some grounds into the filter and dumped hot water inside. Presto! Instant… water? Slightly tinted water, but water nonetheless. A phone call to my dad unraveled the mystery and led to a new protocol: 

  1. Pack the coffee grounds.
  2. Add the water in slowly.
It almost looks like a flower

It almost looks like a flower

 The second attempt met with success. The coffee tastes great. Thanks, T!

Is that coffee on the bottom?

Is that coffee on the bottom?


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