Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.


Aurora. Goddess of the Dawn. Well, I wouldn’t have guessed. She’s sitting at a table talking to two others: Synergizer and Respectus. As I walk by, she stops me.

“Is your laptop connected to the Internet?” she asks. A request follows my response: look up the e-mail address of a Berkeley city official. I oblige.

I continue my work. An hour later, Synergizer and Respectus have left the room, and Aurora calls to me. “Do you create urban art?” she asks.

It turns out that she’s seen my desktop wallpaper. I tell her it’s a photo I took in Toronto. She finally introduces herself. A goddess? No. 

“I was raised on the Greek gods, so I kind of look down on monotheism,” she says. Surprising given her height, I think. “Are you a practicing Hindu?” she asks me.

I shake my head. “Well, I have been exploring it recently. I like all the similarities with Greek mythology.” Before she can continue her point, Synergizer returns. He starts rubbing her back and asks me what we’ve been discussing. He starts explaining to me how he studied comparative religion in graduate school and is now interested in Krishna consciousness. He asks me my views.

“I think there’s something one can learn from all religions,” I respond politely. He smiles.

“Yeah, I have come to the belief that all religions are true,” he says. It’s curious that the exact same phrase appears in a book.

“Have you read Hero with a Thousand Faces?” I ask him.

“Don’t insult me, man! Of course,” he admits, unwittingly. We talk a bit longer about religion.

“I can introduce you to some amazing Krishna stuff, man,” he tells me. “Not the standard stuff they teach you, either. I’ve got my OWN theories.” Synergizer then proceeds to expound his influence. 

“Have you heard of Famous McGee?” he asks me.

Unfortunately, I haven’t.

“Well, I gave Famous McGee an idea about SuperProduct, and it’s now a part of SuperProduct!” He’s beaming. Apparently, he did something similar for Hank Awesometon. “I know a lot of people. I like to think I bring people together and help create synergies.”

Respectus has now returned, as well, and she wonders who I am. At this point, they all discover I’m an electrical engineer, not the urban artist they had hoped. Oh, well. As a consolation prize, they want me to join their organization.

“What do you do?” I ask.

“Oh, we’re working on something new: Infinite Universal Hyperabundance. I’m not sure if you know anything about product design, but we’re currently in the pre-prototype stage, if you know what that is.”

They explain their idea to me. Unfortunately, I cannot post what they told me. We can’t have Infinite Universal Hyperabundance falling into the wrong hands, you see. After they conclude, I ask if there’s a proof of concept.

“What do you mean?” Aurora asks. I explain what I mean. Aurora observes, “This is why we need an electrical engineer on our team! You can handle the technical details. We might need some remote sensing.”

I smile and ask them to keep me posted. They request my contact information and provide theirs. Respectus makes a detailed page of notes and hands it to me. I smile and continue with my work. Within an hour, their meeting adjourns. Aurora comes up to me again after Respectus and Synergizer step outside, asking if I can help send them my ideas. I tell her to give me their proposal, and I’ll provide feedback.

“We actually don’t have a proposal, but I have a web site.” She directs me to her site, and as I type the entry into Safari, she starts rubbing my back… as if this story needs that extra detail.

“It doesn’t work in Safari,” she says, continuing to rub my back. “You have to use FireFox.” I go through the web site, listening to her comments. 

At the end of her explanation, she asks me to e-mail her with feedback, or she’ll get in touch with me. I smile and nod, telling her to “take care.”

I wake up the next morning to an empty inbox. At the same time, that morning back pain I used to have has mysteriously vanished. Then I notice a new e-mail:


What better gift than the gift of relaxation? Massage Gift Certificates $10 off through Dec. 31, 2008

You can go to our website and click on gift certificates on our home page and purchase one from the convenience of your own home 


Call us at 510-843-4422 to order over the phone  
And we will mail one to you or the recipient 


Partners at the Berkeley Massage & Self-Healing Center 
1656 University Ave. Berkeley, CA 94703 
(510) 843-4422 



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  1. LOL. the best things always happen to you.

    your blog just got mad at me and said “you are posting comments too quickly. slow down.” what an asshole.

    December 27, 2008 at 11:33 am

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