Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

Fifteen Minutes

From Poor Richard’s Almanack:

Haste makes waste.

Fifteen minutes to book a flight home. Five days to realize the flight leaves from San Jose. One hour to get there by car, two by public transportation.

Ten minutes to call a family friend for a ride to the airport. Hi, how are you doing? Yes, it’s going well. How is Uncle? How are N and K? Would it be possible to get a ride? Yes, the whole family will be there. Yes, I’ll bring back photos.

One hour to submit a paper. Fifteen minutes to get home. One hour to pack. Twenty minutes to get to the BART station. One hour to get to Dublin/Pleasanton for family friend pick-up.

Decompress. Enjoy dinner with family friends. Ten minutes to stuff presents into suitcases that J Auntie just had to send my niece. Twenty minutes to get to the airport.

Forgot to check-in online! Ten minutes to wait at check-in. Twenty minutes to fix a problem with the computer. Three minutes to fumble around for my credit card and driver’s license. Three minutes to realize my driver’s license may still be in my SQ pants. Five minutes of panic. Five minutes to realize that the license was in my wallet but just not in its usual spot. Ten minutes to get through security. Maybe five if I’m lucky.

Make it to terminal. Five minute phone conversation with parents. Snow reported in New York. One hour delay to flight. Make that two.

Fifteen minutes to write a blog post that chronicles a potential future. One minute to check-in online, reposition my driver’s license, and change the future. Time for another maxim from Poor Richard’s Almanack:

A stitch in time saves nine.


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