Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

A Courtesy

Example 1:

I believe [insert opinion here], so we’re going to [insert decision here].

Example 2:

Some people have pointed out that [insert opinion here], so what do you think about [insert decision here]?

Even if I don’t have a strong [insert opinion here] and do not mind [insert decision here] if it is taken, I tend to react more favorably to Example 2 scenarios over those of the Example 1 type. Despite the fact that only the style changes, for some reason, those who extend the Example 2 courtesy seem selfless and respectable. Admittedly, being forced to weigh a decision can be mentally taxing, and if someone I respect has already reached a conclusion, I might be inclined to go along with it.

Tomorrow, some people can vote for the next Decider. After the votes are cast and a new Decider is appointed, most of these people will have little control over what the Decider decides. Is voting a right? Is it a privilege? Is it a duty? I don’t know but appreciate the courtesy of being asked.


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