Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

Rabbit Ears

The owner takes Lemonhead, a cockatiel, out of the cage. Lemonhead notices K and perches on his back.

K: Where did he go?
F: He’s right behind you.
K: (turns around) Blistering barnacles! He’s not here. Where is he?
F: (pointing out Lemonhead on K’s back) Still behind you!
K: (turns around again) Thundering typhoons, he’s a clever one! 

Lemonhead was an 11th hour rescue at Rabbit Ears, a pet rescue and supply store in Kensington. As its name suggests, many of the rescued pets are rabbits. Most are waiting to be adopted by someone like Jenny from Oliver & Company.

No pets were adopted by either K or F that day, who continued exploring Kensington. The location includes some quaint shops, cute homes, and spectacular views of the Bay Area. In particular, Kensington has a small shopping area laid out around a circular road.

Because of the shops and views, Kensington sounded like a great place to explore on a bike. MT and K set off from Solano at around 10:30. They reached the Kensington Circle and parked their bikes. MT gave K pointers on how to set up his bike lock, and the improvements worked like a charm.

The Kensington Circle would be the first stop of many others that morning, which would include a breathtaking sight of the Golden Gate Bridge, a ride past Toot Sweets on Gilman, and a stop at the Nursery by Hopkins. However, when K saw Rabbit Ears, he had to take MT inside.

K and MT were greeted by the same owner K had met several weeks earlier. She was busy helping out some children playing with the pets. K started searching for the bird that had perched on his back not so long ago.

“I remember you had a bird here earlier,” K said, pointing to a table near the center of the store.

The owner looked at K. “Was it a parakeet or a cockatiel?”

“A cockatiel.”

“Oh, he was adopted,” she responded. “I miss Lemonhead.”

K thanked the owner and continued walking around the store with MT. As he turned away from the owner, he smiled and pictured Lemonhead perched on Jenny’s back, singing a Walt Disney song as the credits closed.


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