Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.


Some may remember an era when people used to float. Admittedly, there were skeptics during that time. Those who thought it was PhotoShop were shown unedited images directly from a camera. When others became convinced of wires, the following photo was taken to erase all doubt:

Whats going on with the person in the background?

What's going on with the person in the background?

In those days when people floated, certain web sites also contained more colorful biographies:

My family moved to New Jersey from Athens, OH. My classmates used to think my accent was funny, but I switched from pop to soda a while ago.

Athens was a great place to grow up. While this didn’t make my CV, as a second grader at Morrison Elementary, I founded the Detective Club with a group of my friends. We were inspired by the Boxcar Children books. Unlike those children, we never solved a case.

Those were also the days when friends tried to see who could go the longest without shaving (how many people are taking part in this photo?), made crank calls for products advertised in late-night informercials, and conducted their own advertising experiments on Craigslist (“You may have heard of a double date, but have you ever in your wildest dreams fathomed a triple date?!?!?! For many years, scientists claimed it was impossible. Well, it turns out those ‘scientists’ were wrong!!”).

The era of floating may be in the past, but I’d like to think the spirit of that age still survives in small but meaningful ways. One could even make the case that this spirit inspired someone to take a short break from work tonight to write this post.


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