Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.


[Author’s note: The busy reader should scroll down to the last couple lines for a synopsis.]

Josh Kornbluth was at Fertile Grounds today. Who is Josh Kornbluth? He starred in Haiku Tunnel, which I happened upon at Blockbuster a couple years ago. Here is our conversation:

Me: Were you in the movie Haiku Tunnel?

Josh: Yes, I’m Josh.

Me: I’m K (we shake hands). So was the movie based on actual events?

Josh: Are you a lawyer?

Me: No.

Josh: Do you work for the government?

Me: No.

Josh: Then yes, it was based on actual events.

Me: (polite laugh)

Josh: I’m working on a sequel now called Love and Taxes.

Me: What’s it about?

Josh: It’s about this guy who falls in love with a woman, but she wants him to get his taxes in order first. It’s basically about how he’s been against The Man all his life, and now he realizes that he is The Man. It features some of the actors from Haiku Tunnel.

Me: Looking forward to it.

Josh: At least I can count on one viewer.

Josh has a blog, and at the time of posting, the most recent entry mentions the East Bay Vivarium, a place J told me about and where M took me not too long ago.

For the busy reader, here’s a synopsis of this post:

Random person: K, after shaking hands with Josh Kornbluth, will you ever wash them again?

K: Yes.


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