Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

People Watching

The Prodigal Daughter is on the phone reassuring someone, perhaps her mother.

“Central Square,” she says and pauses, listening to the reply. “Yeah, there are people here.” Another pause. “Mostly students.”

The 70 arrives. The meter isn’t working, so the driver waves everyone in for free.

The Prodigal Daughter sits down in the front. A guy with an orange shirt and backpack walks on the bus. He is followed by a girl in a white dress, a girl with an iPod, and a guy with a Red Sox cap. Before Orange Shirt can walk by, The Prodigal Daughter stops him.

“Are you stalking me?” she asks. He gives her a funny look. “I’m just joking,” she responds, and motions for him to sit down next to her. White Dress, Pod, and Red Sox Cap join Orange Shirt, and he introduces them to The Prodigal Daughter.

The Prodigal Daughter exchanges greetings with them and then rests her head on Orange Shirt’s shoulder. White Dress stares at them for a few seconds before Red Sox Cap starts talking to her and Pod.

Their conversation is inaudible, but Pod gets bored and starts searching for a song to play. Red Sox and White Dress continue talking as The Prodigal Daughter opens Orange Shirt’s backpack. She takes out a flannel shirt.

The Prodigal Daughter and Orange Shirt start to kiss. This temporarily distracts White Dress, but she continues her conversation with Red Sox.

The Prodigal Daughter’s stop arrives, and she exits. Red Sox follows, promising White Dress that he’ll look into getting her a job.

With their departure, Pod stops listening to her music. She says something in a Slavic language, and Orange Shirt responds. White Dress seemingly asks him a question in the same language. Orange Shirt replies, gesturing with his hands. They all laugh. What are they saying?

This story had no beginning. This story has no ending. My stop arrives, and I exit the bus.


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