Never be afraid to get dirty, but be sufficiently sure-footed to avoid the abyss of contamination.

Amish Paradise

Some Amish are building phone booths. It appears that the Amish have been using pay phones for a while now, and with cell phones becoming popular, phone booths are being removed. As a result, the Amish, who are now dependent on these phones for their business, have resorted to constructing their own.

As the Amish have adopted some technology, I spent the weekend avoiding some. A lot of work I needed to do this weekend did not involve the computer. In fact, I saw no need for using the computer other than to waste time, so I resolved to abstain from using it this weekend. The simplicitly of life without a computer allowed me to accomplish many items on my to do list. I cleaned my apartment, read part of a book, and churned out a new research problem. I also found time to head out to dinner and a movie with friends, attend a housewarming, and check out a street festival.

Restricting one’s activities can simplify life, but eliminating activities one enjoys can affect happiness. The key is to understand when the resulting simplicitly will have a greater impact on one’s happiness than the activities one eliminates. That said, I plan to unplug myself more often, and perhaps add television to the list.


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